The Flugly - August 18th 

FM Trailbuilders' oldest race is back for the 6th edition at MB Johnson Park! The Kids Class Racers will ride one lap (4 miles). Sport Class Racers will ride two laps (8 miles), and Elite Class Racers will do 4 laps (16 miles). Primarily picture-perfect Midwest singletrack with tight twists and turns through the trees, punchy climbs, and lots of pedaling. Come out and race with us! 

Wild Goose Chase - September 15th

Join us for a great day of racing through Gooseberry Park in Moorhead. This trail features excellent river views and ample vegetation, but you'll be too busy racing through the woods to notice! Just as in the Flugly event, we'll have three classes, Kids, Sport, and Elite, riding one, two, and four laps, respectively, of our four-mile course. This event is geared toward the beginner-level racer, as none of the sections are too difficult. However, at the Elite Class level, your physical endurance will be tested, and even the most experienced racers can get humbled by the Goose! 

New for 2018! 

We're treating these races as a series! Interested in racing both events? Not only will you save $5 on registration, your standings from both races will be added together at the end of the Wild Goose Chase for a chance at winning the Series awards. For example, if you get 5th place at Flugly for your class, and 4th place at Wild Goose Chase, you'll get 9 points total. The lower the number, the better! Racers must enter the same class for each event. 

Start times for both races will be as follows:

8:00 am-Registration Opens
9:00 am - Kids Race
9:45 am - Kids Awards
10:00 am - Sport Race
10:45 am - Sport Awards
11:30 am - Elite Race
1:00 pm - Elite Awards