Experience the world differently by bike! Earn a new group of friends, try new foods, enjoy new smells, and get your heart pumpin' as we journey to the most beautiful areas in our country and our world to explore on two wheels. We take adventure to another level to experience the culture more deeply (without emptying the piggy bank). Grab your bike and join us for bike tour adventures you'll never forget. 

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Lucca, Italy

July 19th-29th, 2018

Lucca, Italy Adventure

DATES: July 19th-29th (with added options to extend on either end)
Lucca is a walled, medieval town in the heart of Tuscany.  It features tiny streets, great restaurants, and Italian architecture. Enjoy quiet, mostly flat roads to the south and west. The nearby Pisa is just 15 miles away as are many other small, hill-top towns. From mountains punctuated with wooded sections and little mountain villages, to the beautiful blue ocean, this area is gorgeous - especially by bike!  Also, in Florence, just an hour by train, awaits el Duomo, the David, and much more of the finest art in all of the world.  
Cost: $1,600/person + flights (around $2600)

Low Road Tour



Europe Low Road Adventure

Some take the Low Road... join us for a summer European adventure! Take in the fabulous culture and cuisine as we explore this beautiful area by bike. We'll ride 40 to 50 miles each day along quiet, no-stripe country roads and canal tow-paths. We'll hop on trains and take advantage of alternative transport options. You pick the days that you pedal. Visit Paris, Brussels, and Cologne plus dozens of smaller beautiful European towns. We'll also eat really, really well.
Cost: $2800/person


Total Eclipse of the Sun Bike Tour

August 19-21st
Join Great Rides for a chance to bicycle one of America’s most popular Rail Trails and to witness a total eclipse of the sun as the moon’s shadow races across America from the Pacific to Atlantic in a spectacular fashion not experienced in America since 1918. 


Beartooth and Bighorns Adventure

June 18-21, 2017
The Rockies, real mountains, big climbs and screamin' descents... this trip has it all! Three days of riding over Beartooth pass at 11,000 feet and 200 of the most scenic miles anywhere all packed into a four-day trip. Days are long and the route is challenging, but suitable for most any rider. Cost $320/person. Experience the world differently by bike! Earn a new group of friends, try new foods, enjoy new smells, and get your heart pumpin' as we journey to this beautiful area. The next Beartooth adventure will be in 2019.