Lucca is a walled, medieval town in the heart of Tuscany.  It features tiny streets, great restaurants, and Italian architecture. Enjoy quiet, mostly flat roads abound to the south and west. The nearby Pisa is just 15 miles away as are many other small, hill-top towns. From mountains punctuated with wooded sections and little mountain villages to the beautiful blue ocean, this area is gorgeous - especially by bike! 

DATES: Late July or Mid September, 2018

Lucca is also home to Summerfest, a series of outdoor concerts set in a 700-year-old plaza.  A great aspect of Lucca is it's location.  One could easily spend weeks riding right from the hotel we'll stay at in Lucca.  But wait...Florence is just an hour by train!  There awaits el Duomo, the David, and much more of the finest art in all of the world.  Florence is Tom Smith's favorite city in Europe and all of it can be seen by simply walking from the main train station.  In addition to art, Florence has a great street scene; music, and incredible selection of leather goods, and many, many food markets.

There's more! Cinque terre is just over an hour by train and offers great hiking (Lucca does too, the 5Terre hike is one of the most famous in the world), biking along coastal, cliff-hanging roads, and quaint sea-side towns.

Trip Agenda:

  • Fly into Florence and head by train to Lucca (50 minutes  - after airport transfers to the train station)
  • Settle in at our motel, a 2-star or 3-star place near this walled city
  • Build our bikes and make plans for a great 8 or 10 days of cycling and sight-seeing.
    Those who want can ride hard, mountain passes everyday.  Others could make flat-land rides through the Tuscan countryside and into Pisa.  We'll catch a concert at Summerfest (Lenny Kravitz was there in 2015) and generally spend our evenings eating and strolling about Lucca. Except for those times that we'd venture out by train.  A ride back to Florence for a day in that great city - or maybe two days if you choose not to cycle so much.  Trains run early and late and frequent too.  And, all Italian trains accommodate bikes so you really have options.
  • An hour in the opposite directions brings us to cinque terre, 5 tiny towns crammed into rocky bays along the coast.  The famous cinque terre hike is 4 sections that connects all of these towns and can easily be done in a day.  There is also incredible road riding in the area, but the climbs are crazy-steep and probably not for all.

You will be free to set your own schedule, or join in our guided options.  

It would be very easy for small groups to take the train from Florence to Pisa for typical tourist options, or we could make those travels as a group.  5terre is a bit more involved, so we'd probably plan to head there one day as an entire group.  The riding days we could split into two groups offering options for those who wish to climb and for those who wish to roll on the flats.  Each evening, we'd return to out hotel in Lucca.

Trip Cost: $2600/person, includes

  • Flights
  • Lodging
  • On-Route Mechanical and Sag Support
  • Some meals


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