Great Rides Inc operates a pedicab rental business. By completion of this application, you are indicating that you desire to contract with Great Rides Inc as an independent contractor. You additionally agree, upon the acceptance of this application, to enter into a Driver Services Agreement with Great Rides Inc.

Great Rides Inc does not hire employees for its rental business operations. As an independent contractor, you will have general control over your business activities and will be solely responsible for the payment of taxes and for the provision of any health and/or death benefits.

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PLEASE READ CAREFULLY In return for being considered as an Independent Contractor for Great Rides Inc, I agree as follows: I affirm that the facts set forth above are true and complete to the best of my knowledge. False statements or omissions in this application may result in a refusal to contract, revocation of an offer to contract, or termination of the contractual relationship between myself and Great Rides Inc whenever they may become known. I authorize Great Rides Inc or its representatives to investigate thoroughly my work and professional history and verify all data provided and I withhold Great Rides Inc from any liability which might arise from such an investigation. I further release any former or existing contractor/employer from any obligation to provide me with written notification of any information disclosed. I understand that this may include a record of disciplinary action assessed by the contractor/employer. I understand that any contractual relationship arising out of this application is contingent upon the results of this investigation. GREAT RIDES INC WILL USE THE INFORMATION YOU PROVIDE IN MAKING ITS DECISION WHETHER OR NOT TO CONTRACT YOU AS AN INDEPENDENT DRIVER FOR HIRE. THE DECISION TO CONTRACT YOUR SERVICES WILL BE PARTIALLY BASED ON TRAFFIC LIABILITY CONSIDERATIONS AND PERSONAL AND PUBLIC HEALTH AND SAFETY CONCERNS. IF WE DECIDE TO CONTRACT YOU, A SEPARATE WRITTEN INDEPENDENT CONTRACTOR AGREEMENT WILL BE PROVIDED. INDEPENDENT CONTRACT DRIVERS ARE NOT EMPLOYEES OF GREAT RIDES INC.