Our fun open-street festivals plant the idea that people walking or biking to work or play is normal and exhilarating. About 4,400 people attended StreetsAlive! on Sunday, June 25th, which encouraged them to enjoy and adopt more physically active lifestyles. See you again in August!

Next event: Sunday, August 27
Noon - 5pm

Downtown Fargo
One day to ditch the cars, grab the kids and get moving.
Activities • Exhibitors • Food • Music • Entertainment

Thank you to our sponsors for their generous support!




StreetsAlive! is a free event that celebrates a healthy community. We are reaching out to embrace movement in our public spaces and inspire our community to improve individual and public health as well. Sponsorship makes it all possible. If your business or organization is passionate about healthy communities, happy cities and vibrant neighborhoods, consider being a StreetsAlive! sponsor.