You are invited to be a part of Fargo-Moorhead’s 2017 StreetsAlive! event! Three miles of streets, including Broadway and NP Avenue will be closed to motorized vehicles and will come Alive with people walking, running, biking, skating and propelling their wheelchairs. Healthy food vendors, music and entertainment, and fitness and family activities will be located along the route. The event will highlight area parks, downtowns, and schools.

Please submit food vendor applications at least ONE WEEK prior to the first 2017 event you plan to attend.

IMPORTANT – PLEASE READ THROUGH ALL THE RULES AND REGULATIONS. Each vendor’s application is their expressed agreement to operate their business within these rules and regulations. 


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Menu items will be considered. StreetsAlive! is an event aimed at promoting health through active living and healthy eating. Menu items need to be reasonable in portion size, low in fat, sugar, and sodium, and incorporate vegetables, fruits and whole grains when applicable. Beverage choices should include water, low-fat or fat free milk, and 100% juices. Sports drinks are acceptable. Please avoid pop and other sugar-added drinks. Also include information such as the type of bread, preparation methods, sauces added to foods, ingredients in drinks made from scratch, etc. If you would like to further describe your choices, feel free to send a menu to or mail to Kim Lipetzky 1240 25th St. South Fargo, ND 58103-2367
StreetsAlive Waiver and Release *
I understand that submission of this application is the vendor's expressed agreement to operate the business within these rules and regulations. This agreement is not transferable to any other party. The vendor is limited to exact space, size, location, menu items and other requirements as established. I understand that I am responsible for insuring my booth and personal property and providing my own liability insurance. I agree to indemnify and hold Great Rides and all StreetsAlive sponsors harmless from any and all claims for damage to persons or property in any manner related to the StreetsAlive event. I agree to abide by all rules and policies set forth by Great Rides. I have secured any necessary permits or licenses for the use of any copyrighted or trademarked materials and will indemnify and hold Great Rides harmless from any claims or infringement.